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Post Home Schooling Reward Small Lollipop Set

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You survived home schooling!! And boy don't you deserve a treat for it! A delicious set of colourful post 'Home Schooling' reward lollipops. Letterbox friendly and a perfect gift. 

Chose from our alcoholic set, or two different non-alcoholic sets.

Our alcoholic set includes:

1 x Gin & Elderflower

1 x Strawberry Champagne

1 x Raspberry Mojito

1 x Peach Bellini

1 x Passion Fruit Mojito

(All made with real alcohol)

Our non-alcoholic sets include either:

5-pack Salted Caramel or,

5-pack Raspberry White Chocolate

Sticker Designs:

I deserve an A+ for effort

Thank fuck that's over

Pass me a drink

Teacher mode inactive

We survived it



6-12 months


Each lollipop weighs 25g and measures 40mm diameter